Maple Leaf Education Catalogue 2018-19

Page Link For more exercise papers see page 50 C. Tracing Paper • Professional quality translucent paper for technical drawings, overlays, special effects • 90gsmweight TPA4 A4 pk 250 £12.40 TPA3 A3 pk 250 £24.80 TPA2 A2 pk 250 £46.50 TPA1 A1 pk 250 £89.60 Also available in A0 and rolls B. Glossy Coated Photo Paper • Instant Dry High Gloss Coating • Coated one side • Inkjet printing only • Brand may vary ID180 A4 180gsm pk 50 £12.90 Also available in A2 and A3 sizes - please ask for prices A. Never Tear Paper • Waterproof and wipe clean surface • Will not rip or tear • For use on laser printers and copiers • Ideal for field studies, cookery manuals and DT environments • Other sizes and weights available NVTA4 A4 95 Micron pk 100 £26.80 E. Bleedproof Marker Pads • Bleedproof paper virtually eliminates spread • Allows ink to dry quickly and evenly • 50 sheets of acid-free 70gsm paper BMPADA2 A2 Pads pk 3 £39.80 BMPADA3 A3 Pads pk 5 £34.50 A D C B D. Tracing Paper Pads • Quality 63gsm tracing paper • 40 leaf pads TP63A4 A4 Pad each £4.95 TP63A3 A3 Pad each £9.40 E © Maple Leaf Design Supplies Sales Line 01642 713071 Never Tear, Inkjet & Tracing Papers 14 8mm Feint with margin 6mm Feint with margin F. Exercise Papers FP8FM A4 2 Hole Punched 8mm Feint & Margin 75gsm ream £3.30 FP48FM A4 4 Hole Punched 8mm Feint & Margin 75gsm ream £3.40 FP6FM A4 2 Hole Punched 6mm Feint & Margin 75gsm ream £3.40 EXP8FM A4 Unpunched 8mm Feint & Margin 75gsm ream £3.40 EXPPL A4 Unpunched Plain 75gsm ream £3.40 F Professional Quality Manufactured from 75gsm Education Wove paper to BS Standards