Maple Leaf Education Catalogue 2018-19

Early Years - Toys 156 © Maple Leaf Design Supplies Sales Line 01642 713071 A. Mini Pedal Trike • Suitable for ages 2-5 • Dimensions: Height to handlebars 49cm Height to top of saddle 32cm Diameter of front wheel 20cm Diameter of rear wheel 18cm MT01A Mini Pedal Trike each £126.50 C. Pedal Trike with Sidecar • Designed for 2 children • Trike has moulded seat, trailer has wooden bench seat • Dimensions: Length 100cm Width 66cm Height to handlebars 61cm Height to saddle 50cm Height to passenger seat 33cm ST32 Pedal Trike & Sidecar each £199.50 With their powder coated steel frames, solid metal front wheels & solid tyres these toys are built to last. Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery of items on this page. All available in a choice of red or blue frames D. Loopy • Extremely versatile toy which can be propelled in any direction or rotated on the spot • Suitable for children with special needs as well as able-bodied children • Encourages co-ordination • Dimensions: Height frame-ground 15cm, width 78cm LPY02 Loopy each £135.90 E. 2 Wheel Scooters • Rear foot operated brake • Available in 2 sizes for ages 3-6 & 5-8 • Dimensions: Regular Length 100cm Height to handlebars 70cm MaximumWeight 50kg • Dimensions: Large Length 105cm Height to handlebars 84cm MaximumWeight 50kg SC12A Regular Scooter each £122.40 SC13A Large Scooter each £129.60 F. 3 Wheel Scooter • Provides extra stability for young children • Suitable for age 3+ • Dimensions: Overall Length 100cm Height to handlebars 68cm MaximumWeight 20kg SC41 3 Wheel Scooter each £113.50 A F E D C B Please ask for our Nursery Toys brochure for full range B. Pedal Trike • Suitable for ages 3-7 • Dimensions: Height to handlebars 62cm Height to top of saddle 42cm Diameter of front wheel 30cm Diameter of rear wheel 18cm PTR01 Pedal Trike each £142.20