Maple Leaf Education Catalogue 2018-19

Plastic Storage Trays 192 © Maple Leaf Design Supplies Sales Line 01642 713071 ShallowTrays • 312 x 427 x 75mm STRAYRD Red each £2.55 STRAYOR Orange each £2.55 STRAYYW Yellow each £2.55 STRAYGN Green each £2.55 STRAYBL Blue each £2.55 STRAYPP Purple each £2.55 STRAYPK Pink each £2.55 STRAYCN Cyan each £2.55 STRAYCL Clear each £2.55 STRAYLI Lime each £2.55 Storage Trays • These trays are one of the most enduring and popular storage products in schools, and we offer a huge range of units that are compatible with them • Trays are available in shallow, deep, extra deep and jumbo sizes Orange OR YellowYW Purple PP Blue BL Pink PK Red RD Green GN Clear CL Cyan, pink, lime and orange not available in extra deep or jumbo sizes Standard Colours Tray Sizes 4 x shallow = 2 x deep = 1 x jumbo 3 x shallow = 1 x extra deep Extra Deep Trays • 312 x 427 x 225mm EDTRAYRD Red each £4.95 EDTRAYYW Yellow each £4.95 EDTRAYGN Green each £4.95 EDTRAYBL Blue each £4.95 EDTRAYPP Purple each £4.95 EDTRAYCL Clear each £4.95 Jumbo Trays • 312 x 427 x 300mm JTRAYRD Red each £5.95 JTRAYYW Yellow each £5.95 JTRAYGN Green each £5.95 JTRAYBL Blue each £5.95 JTRAYPP Purple each £5.95 JTRAYCL Clear each £5.95 Tray Lid TLID Transparent Tray Lid each £1.95 Shallow Deep Extra Deep Jumbo Cyan CN Special Colours are available. Please call for prices Magnolia Pale Grey Pastel Yellow Pastel Pink Pastel Green Pastel Blue Dark Blue Olive Green Dark Grey Dark Green Brown Beige Tan Brown Orange Maroon Dark Brown Light Grey Black Lime LI Deep Trays • 312 x 427 x 150mm DTRAYRD Red each £3.95 DTRAYOR Orange each £3.95 DTRAYYW Yellow each £3.95 DTRAYGN Green each £3.95 DTRAYBL Blue each £3.95 DTRAYPP Purple each £3.95 DTRAYPK Pink each £3.95 DTRAYCN Cyan each £3.95 DTRAYCL Clear each £3.95 DTRAYLI Lime each £3.95 Colour Options