Maple Leaf Education Catalogue 2019 © Maple Leaf Design Supplies Trimmers 21 B. TrimX Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmers With Stand • Large versions of the above trimmers • Supplied c/w stand RT960 A1 - 960mm 10 Sheets (1.0mm) £189.50 RT1300 A0+ - 1300mm 7 Sheets (0.7mm) £229.00 RT1500 B0 - 1500mm 5 Sheets (0.5mm) £335.00 A. TrimX Heavy Duty Trimmers • High volume usage • Moulded rubber cutting head gives maximum comfort • Long-life self sharpening blade • Automatic clamp • Adjustable back stop for accurate alignment • Printed base showing paper size guides • Can be wall mounted for storage • Manufactured to BS5498 for maximum safety Code Size Capacity (80gsm paper) RT360 A4 - 360mm 15 Sheets (1 .5mm) £59.95 RT480 A3 - 480mm 15 Sheets (1 .5mm) £79.50 RT670 A2 - 670mm 12 Sheets (1 .2mm) £99.40 A D C B C. RotatrimMastercut Trimmers • High quality, self-sharpening, precision steel blades • Strong plastic head and end frames, and aluminium side rule • Solid laminate gridded baseboard • A4 & A3 trimmers have 2 way cut, larger models single way cut • Safe & easy to use by students of all ages TRIMCA4 A4 Cuts 350mm each £69.20 TRIMCA3 A3 Cuts 480mm each £79.80 TRIMCA2 A2 Cuts 680mm each £99.50 TRIMCA1 A1 Cuts 940mm each £119.60 TRIMCA0 A0 Cuts 1270mm each £144.50 D. Rotatrim Professional Trimmers • Top quality self-sharpening precision steel blade • Twin chrome steel guide rails to eliminate head swivel • Aluminium side rule and metal head & end frames • Solid laminate gridded baseboard for easy measuring • Translucent clamp for accurate work placement • Cuts most thicknesses from thin paper to mountboard • 2-way cut on smallest 3 trimmers, larger sizes have one way cut TRIMP12 Cutting Length 305mm each £81.20 TRIMP15 Cutting Length 382mm each £89.60 TRIMP18 Cutting Length 455mm each £99.50 TRIMP20 Cutting Length 510mm each £109.20 TRIMP24 Cutting Length 610mm each £119.70 TRIMP30 Cutting Length 763mm each £139.40 TRIMP36 Cutting Length 914mm each £159.80 TRIMP42 Cutting Length 1068mm each £192.00 TRIMP54 Cutting Length 1374mm each £225.00 Technical trimmers also available - please ask for pricing A4 trimmer (RT360) will cut A3 in half or trim the long edge of A4. A3 trimmer (RT480) will cut A2 in half or trim the long edge of A3. A2 trimmer (RT670) will cut A1 in half or trim the long edge of A2.