Maple Leaf Education Catalogue 2018-19

D. Teflon Carriers (Life Jacket) • Heat resistant, Teflon pouch carrier. • Use when laminating small pieces • Designed to eliminate the risk of jamming, or wrapping around the rollers, when using an oversized pouch TCARA4 Teflon Carrier A4 each £9.40 TCARA3 Teflon Carrier A3 each £16.40 TCARA2 Teflon Carrier A2 each £26.80 © Maple Leaf Design Supplies Pouch Laminators & Carriers 21 D A. Expert Educational HD Laminator • Ultra tough metal body with heavy duty chassis • Engineered for high volume educational use • Anti-jam reverse button • Digital display for accurate temperature selection • Carrier-free machine for pouches up to 500 micron • 4 rollers designed for quality results: perfect photo lamination • Fast warm up time EXPR320 A3 Laminator each £265.40 EXPR450 A2 Laminator each £382.20 IMPORTANT NOTE *If you use your laminator for laminating small, multiple items in a larger pouch (e.g. flash cards), odd-shaped items (i.e. stars, speech bubbles, etc.), children’s artwork, collages or other uneven materials you should purchase a Teflon pouch carrier with your order. Failure to do so may invalidate your warranty if you then laminate such items and require technical support as a consequence. A C. Card Carriers • A4 & A3 card pouch carriers. Use when laminating small pieces to avoid damage to the machine PCA4 A4 Card Carriers pk 10 £3.95 PCA3 A3 Card Carriers pk 10 £7.90 B. Peak High Speed Pouch Laminators These machines feature 6 rollers for faster lamination. • Laminate up to 2000mm/min • Easy to use control panel with auto shut off • Takes up to 500 micron pouches PKLAM330 A3 Laminator each £579.00 PKLAM450 A2 Laminator each £695.00 C B New for 2018