Maple Leaf Education Catalogue 2019 © Maple Leaf Design Supplies Teaching Wall 231 • This modular system offers a range of storage solutions for the classroom - making the most of your space • 3 work surface heights - infant, junior and senior • Awide range of units enable suitable storage of books, art paper, art supplies and national curriculum materials to keep your classroom organised, neat and tidy • Available in an easy to clean, modern look with a wide range of wood finishes and worktop designs • We offer a space planning service to work with you to get the most from your classroom and storage End cladding panels Wide range of worktops available Top overhangs storage units - recess will clear pipes and cable trunking Recessed plinth Adjustable height feet Wall-abutting scribed panel for a flush fit Adjustable height shelves Locking doors Single, double or triple column modules Choose any mix of colours and tray depths to fill Range of top surface heights from infant 700mm to senior 900mm Please ring for your free survey & quotation 3 work surface heights available to suit all age ranges A. 8 Bay Book Store B. Corner Unit C. Cupboard Unit D. 8 Drawer Unit E. 24 Tray Storage Unit F. 8 Shelf Paper Storage G. 8 Drawer Paper Storage H. 2 Drawer Side Filer I. Angled Book Shelf J. Sink Unit K. 25 Pigeon Holes L. 2 Shelf Unit the modular classroom storage system TM Colour Options Survey & Space Planning Service