Maple Leaf Education Catalogue 2018-19 ©Maple Leaf Design Supplies Candy Cloakroom Range 241 Candy Cloakroom Range • Mix and match the tops and bottoms of the cloakroom units • Remember to order your upright bars - to connect the units together • Choice of frame colours: Cool Blue, Lime, White or Tangerine • Height adjustable • All units supplied c/w Gratnells trays where shown, within the price • Please specify colour at time of ordering Colour Options Page Link For Candy Colours Range see pages 214-217 A. 8 Compartments • W1360 x D170 x H410mm CLK001 £238.00 E. 4 Deep Trays • W1360 x D345 x H455mm CLK002 £206.00 F. 8 Shallow Trays • W1360 x D345 x H455mm CLK004 £207.00 G. 4 Open Compartments • W1360 x D345 x H455mm CLK006 £188.00 C. 4 Compartments • W1360 x D170 x H250mm CLK005 £188.00 B. Hanging Rail • W1360 x D250 x H138mm CLK003 £147.00 I. Upright Bars • W50 x D25 x H1585mm • Height adjustable CLKBARS £29.00 H. Boot Rack • W1360 x D345 x H455mm CLK008 £282.00 D. 8 Hooks • W1360 x D40 x H200mm CLK007 £147.00 Lime Japanese Ash Cyan Blue Tangerine Colour Range Cloakroom Tops Cloakroom Bottoms Trays Included