Maple Leaf Education Catalogue 2019 ©Maple Leaf Design Supplies Premium Seating Fabrics 357 Jasmine White Scrubs Purple Rain Rasberry Crush Gunmetal Grey Sunblush Mikado Moss Rosso Blue Steel Koala Professor Plum Magnum Jazzberry Eden Citrus Green Sea Green Applemint Damson Grape Ultraviolet Golden Honey Almond Sapphire Blue Aquamarine Ocean Blue Lupin Cool Blue Gingersnap Tangerine Marigold Primrose Lemon Cobalt Battleship Likoni Wasabi Elephant Rusty Dolphin Rouge Greyfriar Deep Rose Candy Bubblegum Cherry Blossom Rainforest MulledWine Pillar Box Lilac Dune Cocoa Walnut Fudge Due to limitations in the printing process when fabric is shown photographically, we recommend that you ask for actual fabric samples before ordering. Just Colours Vinyl Just Colour harmonizes with both contemporary and traditional interiors. The broad palette encompasses modern neutrals, warm classics to vivid bright colours. Designed to withstand the rigorous demands of both heavy domestic and contract upholstery, Just Colour is suitable for a wide variety of applications Bleach Cleanable Water Proof Crib 5 Please ask for prices when requesting upholstery in these fabrics