Maple Leaf Education Catalogue 2018-19

B. MyCopy Executive • A prestigious multipurpose office paper • Brilliant whiteness for excellent presentation • High opacity for enhanced copies • Extra bulk combined with a superior feel makes this paper ideal for top quality documents and reports • Carries PEFC certification MEA4 A4 ream £2.95 MEA3 A3 ream £5.95 D. PremiumWhite 160gsm Card Top quality, ultra white card that gives outstanding results for both mono and colour copying. MY4160 A4 160gsm pk 250 £3.90 MC3160 A3 160gsm pk 250 £9.75 © Maple Leaf Design Supplies White Copier Papers & Card 5 A. Paper One Copier • Bright white (CIE 159) copier, laser and inkjet paper with ProDigi surface treatment • Produced with ECF pulps from 100% sustainable plantation fibre • Aworldwide brand P1A4 A4 ream £2.65 P1A380 A3 ream £5.70 A D C B C. PaperOne All Purpose • Smooth, ultra white (CIE167) multi-purpose office paper • Super sheet formation, bulk and opacity • Very reliable even for the most demanding applications • Finished with Pro Digi surface treatment • Made from ECF plantation fibre P1ALP4 A4 80gsm ream £3.20 P1ALP3 A3 80gsm ream £6.55 Page Link For Thicker White Card see page 108 Photocopiable Card Quantity rates available for this item Quantity rates available for this item