Maple Leaf Education Catalogue 2019 © Maple Leaf Design Supplies Sand & Water Play 155 D E E. Tuff Trays • Versatile tray suitable for a variety of resource requirements • Ideal for sand & water, messy play or craft activities • Sturdy plastic tray is available individually or c/w a sturdy metal stand • Adjustable height 45cm, 55cm or 65cm • Tray dimensions L97 x W97 x H7cm TUFTS4BK Black Tuff tray with stand each £59.80 TUFTS8BL Blue Tuff tray with stand each £ 59.80 TUFTYBK Black Tuff tray each £18.50 TUFTYBL Blue Tuff tray each £18.50 C B A. Sand &Water Tray • Blue plastic tray with a powder coated metal frame • Frame has two castors for mobility • Lids also available • Tray dimensions: w56cm x l82cm x h19cm • Overall frame height 55cm SWTR24 Sand & Water Tray each £129.80 SWLID42 Covering Lid each £38.90 Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery of items on this page A B. Extra Large Sand &Water Tray • Ideal for several children to play together in comfort • Powder coated frame mounted on castors so can be wheeled outside • Drainage tap fitted to bottom of tray • Tray size: w67cm x l131cm x h26cm • Overall frame height 59cm SWTR72 Giant Sand & Water Tray each £198.50 SW7273 Tray & Lid each £248.20 C. Adjustable Height Water Tray • Clear sand and water tray with handy drainage tap • Blue powder coated stand mounted on castors so ideal for outdoor play also • Use the frame without the removeable legs for low level play • Tub size: w52cm x l73cm x h16cm • Overall frame height 58cm (with legs) SWTR85 Clear Sand & Water Tray each £135.80 SWLID75 Covering Lid each £38.20 D. Waterfall Sand &Water Tray • Fun sand and water tray with a rock wall feature moulded into one end of the tub • Also creates waterfalls • Frame can be folded up for storage SWTR77 Clear Water Tray & Stand each £129.60 SWTR78 Red Water Tray & Stand each £129.60 SWLID81 Red Covering Lid each £38.60