Maple Leaf Education Catalogue 2019

Page Link For OHP Pens see page 69 Handwriting Pens 64 © Maple Leaf Design Supplies Sales Line 01642 713071 D. Scribe Handwriter • Excellent value nylon tipped handwriter with special durable nib and easy flow ink SHW12BK Black pk 12 £1.68 SHW12BL Blue pk 12 £1.68 SHW12RD Red pk 12 £1.68 SHW200BK Black bx 200 £24.60 SHW200BL Blue bx 200 £24.60 A. Manuscript Handwriting Pen • Easy hold handwriting pen with a fine tip MAN10BK Black pk 10 £2.10 MAN10BL Blue pk 10 £2.10 MAN200BK Black bx 200 £38.60 MAN200BL Blue bx 200 £38.60 E. Berol Handwriting Pen • Designed to help children achieve good writing standards HP12BK* Black pk 12 £3.90 HPBXBK Classpack Black bx 200 £57.95 HPBXDBL Classpack Dark Blue bx 200 £57.95 * Whilst stocks last A F E D C B F. Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Pen • Retractable pen with gel ink for exceptionally smooth writing • Ideal for use as a handwriting pen • Translucent barrel shows remaining ink supply • Acid free, archive safe ink • Refillable • Medium 0.7mm nib writes 0.4mm line PG27LBL 0.7mm Blue bx 12 £16.95 PG27LREFBL 0.7mm Refills pk 12 £12.40 Best Seller Page Link For Gel Pens see page 40 Best Seller B. Manuscript Fineliner pen • Ideal for learning the basics of writing • Longer finger grips for comfortable & smooth writing • Ideal for adding details to drawings, sketching or hand lettering MAFW10BK Black pk10 £2.90 MAFW10BL Blue pk10 £2.90 MAFW200BK Black pk200 £52.40 MAFW200BL Blue pk200 £52.40 C. Manuscript Rollerball pen • Smooth writing pen suited to older children • Comfortable grip and smooth ink flow MARB10BK Black pk10 £2.90 MARB10BL Blue pk10 £2.90 MARB200BK Black pk200 £52.40 MARB200BL Blue pk200 £52.40