Maple Leaf Education Catalogue 2018-19

E. 4 Legged Kinderbox • Wooden or metal 4 legged frame 4 kinderbox unit • Wooden frame: D620 x W620 x H360mm • Metal frame: D600 x W600 x H360mm • Bespoke sizes and shapes available Wooden Frame BX05W Beech each £148.00 BX05WRD Red each £148.00 BX05WBL Blue each £148.00 BX05WGN Green each £148.00 BX05WYW Yellow each £148.00 Metal Frame BX05M Beech each £148.00 BX05MRD Red each £148.00 BX05MBL Blue each £148.00 BX05MGN Green each £148.00 BX05MYW Yellow each £148.00 Kinderbox & Library Units • Range of highly popular mobile book storage trolleys in a choice of Beech-BE or Maple-MP finish • Prices include trays where shown • Please specify tray colour & size required: See page 198 for tray colours and sizes B. 4 Bay Kinderbox Trolley • Supplied complete with 12 shallow or 6 deep storage trays • w690 x d453 x h625mm 15256 4 Bay Kinderbox Tray Unit each £174.50 C. Library Unit • Supplied complete with 8 shallow or 4 deep storage trays • 3 straight shelves both sides • Size: w1044 x d502 x h883mm • Available with braked or unbraked castors 15114 Library Unit each £166.00 D. Library Unit • Popular library unit with 2 angled display shelves each side plus bottom flat storage shelf • Double sided • w1044 x d502 x h883mm 15106 Display Library Unit each £166.00 A. 6 Bay Kinderbox Trolley • The 6 bay kinderbox trolley also contains 12 trays which can be selected in a range of sizes and colours • w690 x d450 x h625mm 15258 6 Bay Kinderbox Tray Unit each £248.70 A E D C B © Maple Leaf Design Supplies Kinderbox Units 181 Page Link See pages 194-223 for more classroom storage Page Link See page 198 for more bookcases